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Welcome to my first book: A Time Rewritten
Please take the time to read some of my samples from the book I'm working on. Each week something new will be added. Feel free to post what you like or dislike about the story so far. Please don't attempt to edit my book, that's what an editor is for:) And if you try to copy my idea, I will hunt you down! :) jk. actually I'm not kidding...

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just some quotes from the book...

"No matter who you are, or where you come from, you cannot escape the permanent influence of your beginning."  --Sydney Mendenhall

"I wish I never knew what hate humans are capable of." --Amaris Rosenhaft

"As sure as the sunrise completes it's setting, our relationship is not complete without it's ups and downs." --Sydney Mendenhall

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post IV

The following is a clip from CH. 1 It's an argument with Sydney and her husband Jason:

A week went by and evening found Sydney laying wide awake in bed again. She got up in her usual tradition; but this time she paced at the foot of the bed. Jason was still asleep and she resented that he slept so soundly. She stared at the human-shaped lump of bedding. She spoke to that lump:

“I can’t do this anymore.” Somewhere under a pillow, she heard his muffled grunt, then muffled reply,

“Can you be more specific?”

“Jason, I’m being serious.”

“Ok, hold on,” he said, while unburying himself and turning over to click on the light at the edge of his bed. He squinted at her silhouette, and asked, “But do you have to be serious at…” he paused to look at the time on their alarm clock, “…at three AM in the morning?”

“Oh hun, I’m sorry. It’s just…you know I haven’t been able to sleep these past few months, and I keep having that stupid dream. I don’t have any clue why? I’m stressed to the max about ideas for my next book. The publisher’s on my tail to cough up a proposal or else I’ll lose my contract. The inspiration for this book is just simply not there. I can’t function on no sleep; it makes me cranky and I’ve been yelling at the kids, which isn’t like me. And the real issue is that I feel dull and disenchanted. I’m happy just not content. Does that make any sense?”

Jason waited a moment to reply as he sat there trying to read her, as well as untangle her long winded rambling, that always ended with a question. “See, is this one of those times that you’re venting and I’m just suppose to listen; or am I supposed to reply and try to fix the problem?”


“Ok, I guess that means a response. Alright you want honesty? Look, hun, you’re a great writer, the best in my opinion. These things take time. I don’t need to tell you that. I think you’ve never experienced this much stress before and you’re freaked out by it. I mean, part of the reason you feel so disconnected, or disenchanted, or whatever word you used, is just that. There’s no passion in your life, there’s no conflict, there’s no new spark. Look around, you’ve got a perfect life, the amazing career, the 2.5 kids, hell, even your dog is well behaved. You’re such an overachiever, you even had twins at your first pregnancy,” he laughed.

Sydney laughed out too at the irony of it all. For the first time in a long while, they shared in a bit of humor.

“How did you get so insightful?” she asked, stretching out her hand to touch his face.

“I live with a writer,” he grinned. “Sydney, you’ve got your life so perfect, it’s almost damaging. How can that inspire anyone to write, let alone live? It leaves you no room for mistakes, or to enjoy contrast. What you are is routine.”

“Now hold on, I’m not routine.”

“You’re not? He asked, cocking his head to the side, challenging her refute. “You can’t do anything that’s not in your agenda book.” I bet you never even switch up what kind of coffee you order every morning.

“Ok, maybe a little routine.” she admitted.

“Thank you.” Ok, I got it…your life is like… the game dominoes.” “Dominoes? Oh, this should be good.” Sydney readjusted herself facing more towards him now.

“Ya, well, not the actual game of dominoes, which no one really knows how to play, but it’s like when you were a kid and you used to line them up in a perfect pattern to watch it all fall in a beautiful cascade. That’s you. You don’t realize there’s so much more you can do with dominoes, other than lining them up nice and neat.”

Sydney gave him a confused look and a courtesy nod of almost agreement. “Nice random analogy, hun.” she replied sarcastically.

“The point is, if you keep at this perfect pace, it’s going to stress you out even more. Look at you now, you’re having all these weird dreams, you can’t really sleep. Sydney, I’m worried about you. Maybe you should go see a psychol..psycholanayl..psychiatrist.. What are those people called?”

“A shrink. You want me to see a shrink? Oh, that’s great Jason, now you think I’m losing my mind?” She had both arms folded, which communicated her usual, ‘I’m done with this conversation’ gesture.

“No. I think I’m losing my mind; and you going to see a shrink will help prevent that from happening.”

“I can’t believe you’re trying to be funny?”
     Ok, look, I’m sorry. But, you’re not the only one feeling the strain here. I mean, Sydney, I love you, but I don’t know if you’re aware that our marriage is feeling more and more like a business partnership. You got our family so regimented, I feel we live in an army barracks. You’re so preoccupied with your career, I feel there’s three of us in this marriage.”

She sat there starring at him in shock, proving that these things never crossed her mind. “I didn’t realize you were this unhappy. But excuse me, isn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you want a structured home, a smart, hardworking wife, isn’t that what you married?”

“I married you because I saw in you this smart, talented, high energy woman, that was an inspiration to me. But all this talent and drive is blinding you to what life is really about. Yes, there’s comfort in routine and perfection. But you’re losing your appreciation for life because you’ve never had it hard, you’ve never had to truly work for something. You’re so smart your career practically fell into your hands. You’re so charming, I couldn’t help but fall in love with you. That’s great, but open your eyes and look around you. Once you realize that your life’s happiness is not about this perfect balancing act that you work so hard to maintain, you’ll see it’s more about keeping true priorities, and letting everything else fall by the wayside. You just might be happier.”

Sydney was silent just thinking and trying to judge if what he said might be true. It was at this moment of internalization, that the idea for her next book started to form, at least subconsciously.

“It’s way too late for all this. I think you might be right, but I need some time to think about it.”

“Can we get some sleep now?” He almost begged.

She didn’t reply but just gave him a quick kiss on his cheek before leaning over to turn off the light.

Post III

Meet Sydney, my first leading lady in "A Time Rewritten". She's a high energy professional columnist and a perfectionist to the point of annoyance. Her drive and perfectionism has escalated to the point it's taking over her marriage. Set in 1987, the book starts out with Sydney and her home life in quaint Tarrytown, NY. Ch. 1 Starts out with a dream sequence and transitions into the life of Sydney Mendenhall and her quest for someone to write a book about. She's completely unaware that her marriage is slipping away. When she meets Amaris Rosenhaft, she gets more than she bargained for....

Chapter one
Disturbingly Perfect

    She had seen him before. His very presence indicated that she must be dreaming. In fact, she had often dreamed of him these past couple of months. He was so familiar, and yet she still feared him. The enigma, the unknown, and the sheer curiosity drew her in. He never hurt her in her dreams, but the anticipation of it made her doubt the motive for his visits. Tonight as she lay asleep in the safety of her own bed, with her husband Jason next to her, Sydney lingered in the dream for as long as she could, trying to figure out the reason for his appearance again.

In her dream, Sydney found herself in a forest of a foreign land. It had looked like all the pictures she had seen of Europe. The trees stood thick around her, with fluorescent green moss carpeting the base of the trees, then stretching up the length of it. It was mid-morning and the cold foggy air shrouded her sight, as it stung her eyes. The sound of her footsteps were muffled by the layers of slightly damp pine needles below her feet. She she caught sight of him from the corner of her view; so she stepped a little faster, seeking him out. As she turned the corner around a large gnarled tree, there he stood before her, starring her down. His image was startling, but somewhat blurred.

She reached her hand out to him slowly as she controlled her breathing and then stood motionless. She waited. This was as close to him a she ever came, in any previous dream. She inched her hand out even further towards him, with palm turned upward, ever so slowly until…. he quickly faded into the background.

“Wait! Come back! What do you want?” She called out just before everything went black and a gentle hum of a train engine could be heard, first soft, then louder until it broke off her dream and brought her back to reality. Sydney opened her eyes quickly and grabbed onto the sheets just to feel something tangible, proving to her she was no longer dreaming. She slowly sat up in bed and starred blankly into the darkness. She then felt a warm, familiar hand on her lower back, when she heard Jason ask,

“Hun, what is it? Another dream? Was it him again?

“Yes, it was,” she sighed out in a distressed tone. “It was the white wolf again. I don‘t know what he wants.”

No more was said, as she got up to get a drink of water from the bathroom sink. She stood staring in the mirror, while bracing her arms on the sink. She seemed to be searching within herself, but she had no thoughts. The stress was building, nonetheless. After sometime had passed , she walked towards the bed and slipped between the sheets and covers ever so quietly as not to wake Jason. She lay on her side almost in a trance, with eyes open, and again her thoughts were blank, just this emptiness and frustration over what the dreams meant.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post II

                                                           "Einsaltzgruppen"                                                                       Chapter 2                   

“Take off your clothes!” He shouted with an awful resonance. “Beeil’ dich!”

While on her knees, Amaris’ soft brown eyes slowly scanned upward to the source of that abrasive voice. Paralyzed with fear, it was the first time she ever dare to look one of them in the eyes. The fear of what she would find, kept her from trying to humanize them. She was surprised to see he was not a monster, or a vacant soul, but a man; a man in a uniform: a Nazi soldier. It felt like this had been the longest passage of time, only to be broken by his next command.

“Throw your clothes in that pile; stand in line with the others, toes lined up along the edge! Was ist los mit dir schwein?”

Amaris stopped telling her story abruptly for just a moment, to let Sydney catch up in her notes. The flashback of that awful day was broken for just a moment; and Sydney looked up from her notes, surprised that she stopped so abruptly.


Post I

     I started this whole idea of a book, because one day, I was in a book store, which is a rare occasion for me, and I noticed most of the best selling books at the time were written by first time authors. I thought, wow, how could that be? I too love to write and have written lots of journal entries, short stories and poetry over the years. Even though biology is my first love, writing has become more and more something that I truly enjoy.
      I realized that day in the book store that these first time authors are making bank! If there was possibility of me ever getting rich it would be to write a best seller. Because my mind is analytical I came up with a formula for a best seller... Forbidden romance+strong characterization+sci fi twist+ beautiful setting+unique plot=best seller! Maybe that's over simplifying, but in my finite mind, it works. I have been writing this book, "A Time Rewritten" based on my formula ever since. It's a work in progress and will be for some time, but I hope to develop a following through this blog so publishers see that I already have an audience.
    Here's the gist of my book:   Have you ever wanted to be able to rewrite your story? Maybe even part of it? If only we could change the subtle events in our lives to change the ultimate outcome of our fate.    Sydney Mendenhall is an accomplished columnist for the 'Daily Dish', Tarrytown, New York's most notorious gazette. After gaining some notoriety, Sydney, the perfectionist, sets out to find a true story to be the basis of her new book. She encounters Amaris Rosenhaft, a holocaust survivor, who's story is unique in that she fell in love with a Nazi soldier, who ultimately saves her life, and helps her escape many times, even after he goes MIA. What connects these two women is a common dream they have of the rare, yet hauntingly beautiful, white wolf. There is something about those dreams that points them to clues about what happened to that Nazi soldier. What Sydney finds is that she is blessed with a gift, a one time gift to rewrite part of that soldier's experience so as to prevent his death so that he can be reunited with Amaris, the love of his life. She must find the one sublte turn of events that will change his fate. She then is to rewrite his story from that point, in a limited time alottment to change the course of both their lives. It's more than a love story, but a journey of personal development and universal themes that all can relate to. Stay tuned for posting II that will give a sample of chapter 2, entitled "Einsaltzgruppen"